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May 06 2015


iMessage tips

After making use of Samsung Clever change to change from Apple® iOS to Samsung Android, previous conversations that got spot over iMessage® still can't be replied to and brand new communications from colleagues aren't received from the Samsung Android smartphone.

Launched at WWDC in Summer 2011, iMessage has become readily available on OS and iOS X products. It permits photograph and text interaction between devices without having a expensive information program.

Forward browse Receipts should be sending a tag a message wound up being read for a discussion lovers once you read a brand-new message. Don't desire other individuals to learn? Switch this down.

After that you will have to switch down http://imessageforpc.net/ forward browse Receipts.

If you not utilizing Clover as the boot-loader then you'll definitely never be able to utilize iMessage, becoming easy as that at this time. I'll never be including a strategy for setting up Clover to this guide as the off topic high are a lot of techniques it is now possible. There are lots of guides and sources around, locate one that actually works for the amount of real comprehension and information.

January 07 2015




Best Free iPhone/iPad App - 2011 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Finalists

imo Instant Messenger

By: imo.im

An instant messaging tool that allows you to chat with your friends on many networks--AOL, Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, and many more--from a single app. Includes voice chat features, too.

Read Review | Download at iTunes


By: Meebo

Like imo, Meebo lets you connect with friends across all kinds of chat networks from just one app. AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace and other messaging clients are supported here.

Read Review | Download at iTunes

Pandora Radio

By: Pandora Media Inc.

Perhaps the best-known free online radio service, Pandora creates custom radio stations based on artists you like and ratings you provide for the songs it suggests. With support on the iOS, the web, and other devices, Pandora follows you wherever you go.

Read Review | Download at iTunes

Rock Prodigy

By: The Way of H Inc.

Rock Prodigy does Guitar Hero one better by having users play songs using real guitars, not onscreen versions. Play songs and get immediate feedback from the app on how you're doing. As a result, players learn how to play the guitar, not just the game.

Download at iTunes

Tango Video Calls

By: Tango

A third-party alternative to Apple's FaceTime video chatting tool, Tango does FaceTime one better by working on 3G Internet connections, not just WiFi.

Download at iTunes

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January 06 2015


iOS Development Services at Daffodil


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iOS is the mobile operating system by Apple which is used to run the popular touch devices by Apple: iPhone, iPad and iPod. Initially iOS was known as the iPhone OS. The Apple app store is the most popular app store for any mobile device and there are over lakhs of iOS applications available in the Apple app store for download. Owing to the popularity and demand, iOS Development is gaining significance day by day.

iOS Application Developer confront the challenge of working in a very dynamic environment. iOS has gone through multiple updates, since its release with recent updates of adding the ability to multi-task with the facility to create folders for app icons. Generally the updates are free for iPhone and iPad users, while iPod Touch users are required to pay a nominal fee sometimes.

iOS uses a multi-touch edge where devices can be operated using simple gestures, like pinching your fingers to zoom out or swiping your finger across the screen to move to the next or previous page. The iOS is irrefutably a highly demanded platform in todays tech savvy world. It has millions of users on the marketplace and millions more are joining every month. The Apple brand is associated with enormous credibility which is bound to render credibility to the apps for a huge audience of smart and advanced mobile users.

To be a part of the largest mobile marketplace in the world, definitely apps built for the iOS are primarily required. Daffodil is a leading IT company from India which has extensive experience in mobile apps development. We have a talented resource pool with expertise in leading mobile platforms. Our developers team has outstanding performance record when it comes to iOS application development or iPhone Application Development Companies.

iPad with its dazzling High Definition (HD) touch screen becomes a perfect display platform for your applications. At Daffodil we take the iPad experience to next level by delivering you nifty iPad application development services. We are well equipped with matured understanding of the emerging Apple's mobile platforms to help you develop your app for this platform and audience.

We have developed a plethora of delightful applications for iPhone and iPad, running on the iOS system and we're ready to extend that experience to you. Our iPhone Developer in India and iOS Developers follow well planned iPad application development cycle and make it transparent to you by including you during the complete engagement period. Daffodil is a professional iPhone Applications Development and our iPad application solutions leverage your business or personal life in an intended manner.

One of the major risks associated with iOS development is Apple's highly strict app approval process. A particular app can never be sold on the App Store, If it does not meet the stipulated criteria for approval. We have a clear understanding of the pre-requisites applicable to get an app selected to the App Store. We'll be glad to make our experience work for you at every stage of iOS development. Our experienced iOS Developer have successfully executed a number of challenging projects around iOS development.


January 05 2015


Apple iOS 5 Features

A short write-up on Apple iOS 5 features which will tell you what's there in store for Apple users this time around, and how it differs from its predecessor iOS 4.3.

As expected Apple Inc. announced its brand new operating system - the iOS 5, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on 6th June, 2011. Even though the actual release date of this iOS version is still under wraps, it is scheduled for a grand release in fall 2011. At WWDC 2011, Apple did give a sneak peek of the new operating system for all those people who were getting restless trying to figure out what new features iOS 5 will have. At this event, it also revealed that Apple iOS 5 will be compatible to Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch as well as the iPad and iPad 2.

An Overview of Apple iOS 5

We were as eager to know about the all new Apple iOS version as millions of other people out there. With ever-tempting Android devices fast eating into its market share, even Apple was under tremendous pressure to tweak its operating system to make it more efficient and appealing. Come today, the rumors and speculations are history, and the list of Apple iOS 5 features makes it seem to be as tempting as the new Android OS - if not more than it. Given below is a list of iOS 5 features which is bound to make you give a second thought to the idea of going for Android devices.



Notification Center

An all new Notification Center which can be accessed by a mere downward swipe is perhaps the USP of iOS 5. In this iOS version, all the notifications are shown on a notification bar which only appears when there are notifications to show. This time around, there is small 'X' tab alongside the notifications which helps you delete it without any hassle. More importantly, notifications can also be seen on the Lockscreen in the new iOS version.


One of those newly integrated features, iMessage facilitates Wi-Fi or 3G messaging between all the Apple devices with iOS 5 on board. This invariably means that even iPod touch and iPad users can join the conversation now. At the same time, it also allows users send message to multiple contacts at one time.

Reminders App

A location based Reminder app with the To-Do List can work wonders for you. The next time you want to buy something from the supermarket, you just need to keep a reminder and your Apple device will remind you about the same, the moment you step into the supermarket.

Twitter Integration

With the Twitter social networking website integrated right into your iDevice, tweeting has become all the more simple. Add to it the fact that you can directly tweet from the Safari app as well as applications like Photos, Camera, YouTube and Map, and things become even more fascinating.


In the all new Apple iOS 5, you get to open the camera app right from the Lockscreen mode. While the volume-up button is used to click the picture, pinch-to-zoom feature and single tap focus add to the overall experience.


The new - all tweaked, Photos app allows you do all the things that you have been longing to do right on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. And when we mean anything, we mean anything - right from cropping and red-eye removing to creating albums and tweeting these pictures on the move.

Newsstand App

A virtual newsstand which allows you arrange all your magazines and newspaper subscriptions in an organized format and access them with a great ease from the new icon on Springboard. Add to it a dedicated section of the App Store which allows you browse and download newspapers as well as magazines, and this app becomes all the more interesting.

Safari App

The all new Safari app which has been added to the new iOS version adds more web-browsing features to your Apple devices than ever before. With this app, you also get to store your interesting reads in a Reading List to read later. More importantly, Safari Reader displays pages without ads - which is a welcome change in this iOS version.


Apple's much awaited cloud service - iCloud, will allow users store data such as music files on the server for downloading them onto the Apple devices with iOS or personal computers with Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows on board. Most important of all, the iCloud service helps you make the most of all the other features mentioned above.

PC Free

This change - which makes your iDevices independent, is perhaps the most important of them all. Owning a PC is no more a prerequisite to own the iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad for that matter, as you can simply download free iOS software update right onto the device without connecting it to the computer with Apple iOS 5.

Other than all these features, the list of features also includes a few more tweaked apps in form of Mail, Calendar, Wi-Fi Sync, Game Center, Accessibility, etc. The iOS 5 also has some dedicated apps for each of these Apple devices; such as the LED flash alerts and the ability to make FaceTime calls without a SIM card for the iPhone 4 only, multitasking gestures, split keyboard and Safari tabbed browsing for the iPad and AirPlay and Videos for iPad 2.

With all these features on board, Apple iOS 5 does seem like a tough contender to beat at the first instance. But will these features actually come to its rescue when it is pitted against the new Android OS - Ice Cream Sandwich? While that's something which only time will tell, one thing is for sure - by adding all these features to its devices, Apple has retained its fan base as all those who were contemplating the idea of switching over to ever-tempting Android devices will prefer to wait and watch what's new in Apple iOS 5.


January 04 2015


'DockPhone' Adds Phone Dialing to Yosemite, Bypassing FaceTime

DockPhone, a newly released Mac app, fixes a problem many OS X Yosemite users have faced in the months since the release of the new operating system: the inconvenience of opening FaceTime or Contacts to make a phone call on a Mac. With DockPhone app, users can now search for contacts or directly enter a number within the app, bypassing the need of opening FaceTime altogether.

Though it was one of the major new Continuity features included in OS X Yosemite when it launched earlier this year, many users lamented needing to open FaceTime or Contacts to place phone calls from their desktops or laptops. Receiving calls was simple, but making them through the video chat app designed for a different purpose or cluttered Contacts app felt unintuitive.

Screenshot (45)

DockPhone lets users skip that step, offering a streamlined experience allowing users to easily enter a contact's name or specific phone number to start a phone call. The app interacts with FaceTime behind the scenes to connect with your iPhone, and finally get the call out to the person you dialed. As with making normal phone calls on a Mac, users still need OS X Yosemite on their Mac, an iPhone with iOS 8 or later, and both devices on the same Wi-Fi and iCloud accounts.

While DockPhone is not the first app to offer such functionality, with others such as Keypad having launched some time ago, DockPhone uniquely allows users to also use their voice to begin phone calls. After clicking the microphone button, simply saying the name of a contact or reciting a phone number will begin a call. Recent contacts also appear in widget form in the Notification Center sidebar of your Mac screen, with quick-access prompts to contact them again.

DockPhone is available for download from the Mac App Store for $0.99. [Direct Link]


What You Do not Know About imessage Could Possibly Be Charging To More Than You Think

If you was in fact a devoted individual of iMessage, you might get a hold of your communications missing, particularly from iOS-using friends. Without a doubt, many experts have actually such a problem that there are even lawsuits about it While Apple has preserved that people can nonetheless change down iMessage PC, that only works if you nevertheless have your iOS device. Unless one also offers various other iOS devices or possibly a Mac, they could perhaps not also realize people they know are already delivering messages that are queued up on Apple's solutions via iMessage. Well, this issue happens to be fixed with Apple developing a deregistration electricity to take out your quantity through the iMessage hosts so pals won't give you texts via iMessage which you could no longer get.

Three United states customers have actually submitted a national suit against Apple, alleging that faults in iMessage, the iPhone's texting solution, add up to wiretapping because iMessage "intercepts" and keeps communications that needs to be sent to Android os people.

Group texting has already been greatly enhanced. Continuous conversations might be offered a name. You can easily embark on perform perhaps not interrupt over a per-group foundation, and you'll keep most of them when you like.

If you used my guidance in the final few months and you've currently made the alteration to getting Clover since your boot-loader then a great development is which you don't have to perform something to get iMessage operating. in case the maybe not currently utilizing r2953 i quickly would advise which you upgrade Clover before setting up OS X 10.10.

Today, you can deliver and get iMessages from perhaps not only your telephone quantity but your e-mail target since well. To include a brand new mail, visit the forward & get area. Touch include Another Email… and after that type into the mail you need to include. Start the e-mail with your account to verify the mail. an alerts will probably be delivered whenever it's added.


The New Apple iTouch - InfoBarrel

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